Ride with Us

Transportation in Africa is unprofessional, informal and often unsafe; yet, the sector is growing rapidly alongside mass urbanization and economic growth. Car taxis, motorcycle taxis, and three-wheeler taxis are key people movers across the continent as mass transit systems are inadequate and cars financially unaffordable.

SafeMotos has identified and created specific products and solutions tailored to customer segments:

-Direct pickup, for customers wanting the convenience
-Night time trips, for customers wanting a safe, registered and tracked driver during dangerous evening hours
-Employee transport, for employees of businesses that use motorcycle transport for work-related activities
-Female drivers, for female customers who don’t want to be driven by a man
-Driver financial services, enabling drivers to handle their finances more effectively
-Product delivery, building off of SafeMotos logistics network to deliver goods directly to customers
-Business subsidized trips, where SafeMotos users take free or subsidized trips to business partners who are paying to acquire SafeMotos customers from the SafeMotos platform

Registering to SafeMotos will make you ride with a female driver.