About Us

SafeMotos Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to gender equality and women empowerment in motorcycle taxis industry.

SafeMotos Institute is  a sister institution to SafeMotos Ltd, which uses smartphone technology to professionalize African motorcycle taxi drivers

Our Vision and Mission

SafeMotos Institute is creating a way for females to work and earn more money. We produce females with enough skills to ride well a moto and best attitude to serve well the clients.  Through SafeMotos and other partners, we build different opportunities for them to express their capability to do what the society thought they can’t do. We do charity, educate and empower females where we want to increase the number of females in the motorcycle taxi industry.


Our experiences in Rwanda have taught us that far too many females have no good options for earning an income to pay for their school, children’s school, and other expenses. Consequently, a disturbing number of young Rwandan women resort to prostitution or relationships with “sugar daddies” to make money, and others become street sellers which is not allowed in Rwanda. We at the SafeMotos Institute strongly believe that this current situation is unacceptable.

We at SMI run courses that will teach females of low-income earners to be full-time moto-taxi drivers. Being a moto taxi driver is one of Rwanda’s largest professions. In Kigali alone, there are approximately 20,000 moto-taxi drivers. However, very nearly zero are women. Due to harmful stereotypes and a lack of awareness about women’s ability to be excellent drivers, Rwandan females are excluded from this large economic opportunity. By training women to be moto-taxi drivers and help them get needed equipment, we can provide them with a respectable, dignified way to earn income and pay their expenses.