Our Impact

100 % of all our females get the job at SafeMotos Ltd, a smartphone technology company which aims to professionalize African motorcycle taxi drivers.


SafeMotos Institute has placed 3 females on the platform of SafeMotos. Now, they have started to make trips and earn an income. This has made female customers feel safer than before.

” It helps me pay school fees for my children,”  Vestine Mukeshimana one of the female drivers. “They gave me a moto to ride while no one else did it before.” She said.




“I was a street seller before. I was always running hiding myself from the police, and sometimes I could be caught and to the prison for some days. Now, I have an address, and I see that I have bright future. I am working due to the help of SafeMotos Institute. They have really changed my life.” Claudine Nyiramajyambere, another female driver.



“This idea of driving a vehicle started when I was still young. I have tried to study how to drive a car, and I got the permit, however, I found that I won’t do anything with it, and I went also to study how to ride a motorcycle. I spent like two years with the permit, without a job. After someone called me, and I found that it was SafeMotos Institute. They gave a job and helped me get a hope that it is still possible to have a bright future.” Dorcas Tuyisenge, SMI female driver.





Trip Map Achievement

Trips started to happen in January 2018 while learning how to use SafeMotos technology, and until May there was a remarkable achievement. As months pass and number of females increase this will map will reach higher.


SafeMotos Institute has other females who are doing training so that soon they become drivers. We have a goal to have 100 females on the road by 2019.